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Pulsar Strategy was designed with early-stage companies in mind. Our new breed of public relations and marketing focuses on raising awareness through engagement, building loyal customer bases by providing value and offering quantifiable results to measure progress. See what our clients are saying...


Brand Identity

Both as individuals and as brands, we’re identified by what we say and how we say it. We help our clients define their identities in a clear and meaningful way.

Media Strategy

Of all the shifting industries these days, media is one of the most rapidly changing. We help our clients navigate these murky waters and create opportunities where they don’t yet exist.

Content Marketing

A new wave of customers finds ads inconvenient, annoying and even aggressive. We help our clients build loyal customer bases by providing valuable content rather than pushy campaigns.

Editorial Services

The importance and impact of blog posts, bylined articles and proper editing can’t be overstated nowadays. We make sure that our clients stand head and shoulders above the competition by providing flawless, meaningful content.

Measuring Results

Both public relations and marketing have historically been criticized for using faulty metrics. Now, with the introduction of Google Analytics and other accurate tools, we have the ability to measure and report exact levels of engagement.

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